Actualizadas las Galerías de la Celebración del 30 Aniversario de El Imperio Contraataca

Hemos actualizado las galerías de fotos de la Celebración del 30 Aniversario de El Imperio Contraataca añadiendo las fotografías tomadas por nuestra amiga Maria y nuestro Socio Salvador. También hemos añadido algunos vídeos como el reportaje especial presentado por nuestro incomparable Palpie y montado por nuestro Socio Nrike.

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Es increible, fue increible

Es increible, fue increible verlo en el forum con la gente gritando de emoción y a ver ido a ver como se grababa que también fue un buen rato.

¿Por cierto está en nuestro canal de YouTube?

No, aún no. Pero antes de

No, aún no. Pero antes de subirlo que pongan al principio y al final el logo y bien claro Joking

Por cierto, aquí están los subtítulos.

0:04 I think we are doomed.
0:05 No, unless they got any big giant robot camels I think we’re ok.
0:19 Ehm, Jim, robot camels!

2:00 Hello! I’m Palpie. You may remember me from such adventures as “We’re lost in Benavides” and “JEHES VII, The Return of the Stress”.

2:07 On the 21st of May, 1980 a movie which many people think that is the best of all Star Wars movies had its premiere. It’s The Empire Strikes Back!
2:13: Today is its 30th anniversary and that’s why we are here in order to interview some people about what they think about that movie and the Star Wars Saga.

2:24: Ehmm… could you go to the The Empire Strikes Back premiere in 1980?
2:27: No I was only 3 years old, but I did go to the The Return of the Jedi premier.
2:31 Very good

2:32 And then, could you watch it when it was released after it was remastered in 1997?
2:36 Yes
2:37 At the cinema?
2:38 Yes
2:38 Do you think that The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie as many fans think?
2:45 Perhaps not.
2:46 Why not?
2:46 I don’t think there is a huge quality difference among all the Star Wars movies at all.

2:52 The Original Trilogy has the edge over the Precuels.

2:56 Could you see it when the Special Edition was released in 1997?
2:58 Yes, and besides I did it when it was released and later at a cinema that did a continuous showing: first A New Hope, second The Empire Strikes Back and finally The Return of the Jedi.
3:06 That’s an authentic Star Wars marathon!
3:08 Yeah, right, right…
3:08 Very good

3:10 Do you really think that The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie?
3:12 Without a doubt. It has the best screenplay, the best direction, it shows that George Lucas stayed as a producer as he always should do, and let professional people make what is left.

3:22 What do you think about the relationship between Han Solo and Leia?
3:26 That’s very suspect.
3:27 Very suspect? Why?
3:28 There is something… I think they have a strange affair.

3:32 There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.
3:34 I happen to like nice men.
3:36 I’m a nice man.
3:37 No, you’re not. You’re…
3:41 Sir, sir! I’ve isolated the reverse power flux coupling!

3:47 Is there any moment, sentence, scene, whatever in the move that shocked you and make you say “OMG, I won’t never forget this!
3:55 I am your father.

3:56 No, I am your father.
4:09 Can you repeat with me “I am your father” when the countdown finishes? Ok? One,  two and three. I am your father.

4:25 It’s a classic sentence: I am your father

4:29 Can you for us do this favor, to repeat this call to the audience, here…
4:35 I am your father!

4:37 Where do you come from?
4:38 Greece
4:39 That’s in Greek I am your father
4:44 Can you repeat the call lauder?

4:48 But one of the scenes that shocked me was, for example, the one with those AT-ATs falling because they got entangled by the cables in Hoth. It’s a worthwhile scene, one of the best moments.

5:26 I thoroughly enjoyed when Han Solo cut the creature… and put him inside.

5:40 Hang on kid! This may smell bad, kid, but it’ll keep you warm…

5:46 It was in a very “Man vs Wild” way.
5.48 I thought they smelled bad on the “outside”… very good, very good!

5:51 Well, Yoda! Yoda… with his…
5:55 Little…
5:55 but feisty!
5:55 Sure!

5:57 When Yoda is training Luke, when he has arrived Yoda’s planet, and Luke wants to learn too fast. Then Yoda tells him that he must relax and that in order to learn the Force it is needed to be patience and self-controlled.

6:09 I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience.
6:14 He will learn patience.
6:20 A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.

6:28 It was hard, but we got it at last: people spoke! That’s all, reporting from La Alameda de Hércules. Thank you all, see you!

¡Magnífico el vídeo! Gracias

¡Magnífico el vídeo! Gracias a Palpie y Nrike por hacerlo porque es de los mejores vídeos que tiene HoloRed Joking

Se podria subtitular en inglés… me ofrezco a traducirlo Devil